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Having learned to sew during her six years at Aubazine, Chanel found employment as a seamstress.[17] When not sewing, she sang in a cabaret frequented by cavalry officers. Chanel made her stage debut singing at a cafe-concert (a popular entertainment venue of the era) in a Moulins pavilion, La Rotonde. She was a poseuse, a performer who entertained the crowd between star turns. The money earned was what they managed to accumulate when the plate was passed. It was at this time that Gabrielle acquired the name "Coco" when she spent her nights singing in the cabaret, often the song, "Who Has Seen Coco?" She often liked to say the nickname was given to her by her father.[18] Others believe "Coco" came from Ko Ko Ri Ko, and Qui qu'a vu Coco, or it was an allusion to the French word for kept woman, cocotte.[19] As an entertainer, Chanel radiated a juvenile allure that tantalized the military habitués of the cabaret.[8]

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The popular online shopping website FarFetch and British retailer Selfridges also have pre-loved sections which are great places to find vintage Chanel bags. FarFetch and Selfridges guarantee that the items are genuine Chanel items, so you can shop with confidence!

This policy is only applicable to purchases made online via the CHANEL E-SHOP website. For purchases made in-store at a CHANEL Fragrance and Beauty Counter or a CHANEL Fragrance and Beauty Boutique please refer to the original place of purchase to obtain a return.

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