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Jai Ho Kannada Movie Mp3 Song Download

Jai Ho Kannada Movie Mp3 Song Download

Jai Ho is a 2023 Kannada action thriller movie directed by Prashanth Neel and starring Yash, Sudeep, and Rashmika Mandanna. The movie is a remake of the 2009 Hindi blockbuster Slumdog Millionaire, which won eight Academy Awards, including Best Picture. The movie follows the story of a young man who participates in a quiz show and reveals how he knows the answers through flashbacks of his life in the slums of Bangalore.

The movie has a powerful soundtrack composed by A.R. Rahman, who also composed the original Hindi version. The songs are a blend of traditional and modern elements, featuring catchy tunes, energetic beats, and soulful vocals. The movie has six songs, each corresponding to a different stage of the protagonist's life. The songs are:

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  • Onde Ondu: This is the opening song of the movie, which introduces the protagonist and his childhood friends. The song is a lively and upbeat number that celebrates the spirit of friendship and adventure. The song is sung by Vijay Prakash and Shreya Ghoshal.

  • Chanda Chanda: This is a romantic song that depicts the love story of the protagonist and his childhood sweetheart. The song is a melodious and soothing track that expresses the innocence and purity of first love. The song is sung by Sonu Nigam and Chinmayi.

  • Kotigobba: This is an action song that showcases the protagonist's rise from a slum dweller to a gangster. The song is a fast-paced and energetic track that reflects the protagonist's ambition and courage. The song is sung by Shankar Mahadevan and Anuradha Bhat.

  • Nenapina Hudugiye: This is a sad song that portrays the protagonist's separation from his lover due to his involvement in crime. The song is a poignant and emotional track that conveys the protagonist's regret and longing. The song is sung by Karthik and Shweta Mohan.

  • Ringa Ringa: This is a dance song that features the protagonist's participation in the quiz show. The song is a fun and upbeat track that mixes Kannada and Hindi lyrics. The song is sung by Alka Yagnik and Benny Dayal.

  • Jai Ho: This is the climax song of the movie, which celebrates the protagonist's victory in the quiz show and his reunion with his lover. The song is a grand and inspirational track that praises the protagonist's resilience and triumph. The song is sung by A.R. Rahman and Tanvi Shah.

You can download all these songs from Wynk Music , where you can also listen to them online or set them as your hello tune. You can also watch the video of Tere Naina, which is the Hindi version of Chanda Chanda, from YouTube . Jai Ho Kannada Movie Mp3 Song Download is a great way to enjoy this amazing movie and its music.


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