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Engineering Drawing Book by ND Bhatt: A Complete Guide for Students and Teachers

engineering drawings are made to show the shapes and sizes of the parts of a system. they are also used to show how the parts are related to each other. an engineering drawing is unique and expressive. an engineer may put into the drawing a number of ideas. the nature and purpose of an engineering drawing and the purposes that need it are discussed in this text book to help the student understand the realities of engineering drawings and practice.

engineering drawing book by nd bhatt pdf free download

you must know the theory of engineering drawing before you can turn it into practice. the best way to learn theory of engineering drawing is by practicing, that is, n.d. bhatt book is an excellent and handy source for practicing knowledge of engineering drawing.

in engineering drawing concepts, a plane is a straight line, and a solid is a three-dimensional object bounded by planar surfaces. to draw a plane, you must first understand the concept of a line or a line segment. a line is a segment of a straight line, and a line segment is a two-dimensional line. a line segment is also called a line segment, or simply segment. a line segment joining two points is called an arc. to draw a line segment, you need to first understand the concept of a vector.

in engineering drawing, a solid is the volume occupied by a three-dimensional object. solid geometry is the study of geometrical objects made up of volumes and surfaces. in all forms of engineering, solid geometry is essential. in this field, you must understand the concept of a plane and a line to draw solids. a line is a one-dimensional object; a line segment is a line, and an arc is a line segment joining two end points. you must know the definition of geometric terms, such as line, plane, and solid to understand the rules of solid geometry.


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