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Where To Buy Table Lamps

We looked for highly rated lamps in different price ranges. And because everyone has different aesthetic preferences, we sought out desk lamps in a variety of style categories, from classic to modern.

where to buy table lamps

In the initial round of testing for this guide, we considered over 100 models and arrived at a short list of 42 promising desk lamps, which eventually got whittled to a final testing list of 10 lamps. In our 2022 update, we researched nine more lamps and tested six more, based on the following criteria:

For the original guide, 23 staff members evaluated the 10 test models based on photos of the lamps and a brief description of their features. Staffers voted on their favorite lamps overall and in each price category.

Finally, to get real-world usability opinions from other people, Melanie asked four panelists to turn the lamps on and off, to change the brightness and color-temperature settings where available, and to adjust the lamp heights and angles as if they were shopping for a lamp in a store.

In 2022 tests, Gregory tried each lamp in a home-office environment, following guidelines established from our previous review. And he worked beside each model as a primary light source for a minimum of three hours each. He also reviewed the adjustability of each model, measured arm reach and swivel distance, and may have even lightly slapped the desk lamps around to test their stability. Also, since working from home is still a reality for many, Gregory turned on each lamp, positioned for both direct and indirect lighting, during a series of video calls, to see whether any of them improved how he looked on camera.

Add warmth & light to any space with a table lamp. As easy addition, lamps help set the right ambiance for every type of room. Living rooms require soft lighting to create an inviting atmosphere for your guests. Accent lamps not only brighten up the room but also double up as decor for your living room. The base and shade complement each other making them a great decor accessory. They are perfect for your entryway table or living rooms. Based on your decor style, find a variety of designs, from modern to bohemian, or go rustic with a farmhouse-inspired lamp. If you are looking to mix-n-match, pick your favorite lamp base available in a range of materials, from glass to wood and shiny metallic finishes. The size, material, and shape of the shade also determine the amount of illumination. For bedrooms, the lighting is softer to set the right mood for relaxation or light reading. A table lamp for the bedroom helps illuminate for reading and task work but is softer than a desk lamp. Task desk lamps are great for your study table or work desk as they focus light on a specific area.

When decorating your space, lighting is likely low on your list of priorities; however, good lighting can set a mood, accentuate small nooks, corners, or furniture, and even make you look more attractive. We spoke with Staci Ruiz, a lighting designer with more than 30 years of experience, whose designs can be found in apartments throughout Manhattan, and interior designer Whitney Jones of Whitney J Decor, to learn more about using lighting to create intimate spaces, common lighting mistakes to avoid, and the best retailers to shop with for floor lamps.

Floor lamps, "give off a layer of lower level lighting that compliments people's appearances, and allow you to control the glow of a room," said Ruiz. "Overhead lighting can sometimes be harsh and garish. By turning off those lights and using a floor lamp instead, you create a very intimate feel."

Whether you're on the hunt for a floor lamp for your office, living room, or bedroom, there are a ton of lighting design options out there, from different lamp shade and stand designs to USB port lamps. With advice from Ruiz and Jones, we curated a selection of floor lamp retailers that offer options with a balance of good performance and style.

Brightech uses the same manufacturers as other high-priced brands, but the only difference is it won't leave a dent in your pocket due to its direct-to-consumer business model. Many of the lamps are priced under $100, making it a great option for budget-conscious shoppers.

Aside from the modern designs, Brightech's lamps stand out in a number of other ways. First, all of Brightech's lamps are LED-powered and don't require you to purchase additional light bulbs. Second, the retailer offers a generous five-year warranty on all of the lamps purchased on its website (3 years if purchased from other sites), which is almost unheard of in the lighting industry. If you're looking for inexpensive, modern lamps that will last you many years, Brightech is a great choice.

AllModern, an online-only brand created by major retailer Wayfair, specializes in selling modern furniture, and offers floor lamps in a variety of styles. In its collection of more than 100 floor lamp designs you can find minimalist, mid-century, and Scandinavian-inspired pieces.

Many of us already shop Amazon for home necessities and other random finds, so it's no secret that the retailer also offers a large selection of affordable floor lamps. You can find hundreds of thousands of floor lamp options on Amazon, to fit every decor style and budget.

The options and browsing experience can be overwhelming, making it hard to narrow down to just one, but with some persistence you can find some great floor lamps. Amazon is also a good place to shop some of our other favorite lighting brands (such as Brightech) and still take advantage of Prime two-day shipping.

While many of us head to Ikea for furniture and storage solutions, the retailer also offers a wide selection of floor lamps, all at low prices with products available for purchase both online and in store. The designs range in style from simple and utilitarian to unique and highly decorative.

If you favor a modern home aesthetic, CB2 offers a wide variety of floor lamps, and sells some of Jones' favorite lighting options. While the retailer only has 20 physical locations, its modern products are available for purchase online.

At CB2 you can typically find a mix of unique, statement lamps as well as classic shaded lamps. The retailer also offers several free interior services including design consultations and the ability to ask its design specialists quick questions about your space. You can also view how certain items will look in your space with its AR feature.

Lumens sells one of Ruiz's favorite lamps, which is Stickbulb's 6 Foot Floor Lamp and said that this lamp and similar lamps are a great example of floor lighting that is both "sculptural and artistic." She also highly recommends the Santa and Cole Tripode G5 Floor Lamp as another option that blends form and function.

While The Home Depot may be known primarily for its large selection of hardware products, you can also find plenty of stylish floor lamps at affordable prices.

The Home Depot is best known for selling home improvement supplies, but it's a great place to shop for affordable, nicely designed floor lamps. You'll find a moderate selection in stores, as well as a wider variety online. The selection includes options that are both unique and classic, for spaces large and small. Many of the floor lamps sold at The Home Depot can be found at other retailers for two to three times the price.

West Elm is best known for its stylish furniture and homewares, but it also offers an extensive range of smartly designed floor lamps. The retailer has over 100 stores around the country, so you can see the lamps in person before you buy.

Floor lamps provide a layer of lower-level light that compliments people's appearances by providing a soft glow that harsh overhead lighting can sometimes wash out. When it comes to relaxation and hosting intimate social gatherings, floor lamps are your best choice for inviting lighting.

Designers recommend the best way to light any space is to layer multiple forms of lighting within the room. This includes overhead lighting, recess lighting, and task lamps such as floor lamps. With this combination of lighting, you can control the mood of a room based on your changing lighting needs.

Floor lamp placement is very dependent on your specific space and what you are looking to illuminate. If you're looking to light a small nook or seating area, it's best to place your lamp close to furniture. However, if you're looking to light an entire room, you'll want to place the lamp in a central area where it can fill the room with light. It's best to pay attention to your space's lighting needs and be realistic about where the lamp can be most useful.

Interior designer Whitney Jones of Whitney J Decor said floor lamps, when used in conjunction with other types of lighting, can add dimension to any room. She recommends using floor lamps to layer lighting, so you have options for all hours of the day and different tasks.

If it lamp is mostly providing ambient light, you have more options when it comes to adjustability, placement, and style. As long as the lamp is bright enough for the room, you can make other considerations, like style and features, a priority. Torchiere and tower lamps are both better for ambient lighting than for task lighting.

Depending on where you're placing the lamp, you may want a switch that's on the cord or somewhere on the arm for accessibility. It may seem like a small point, but you don't want to have to move a bookshelf whenever you need to turn the light on or off.

The LED-Ginger collection has been expanded over time to provide solutions to different lighting needs, and is available in pendant, table, wall, and floor lamp versions. This time, we are adding a new, smaller pendant lamp, a portable table lamp, another version of wall lamp with a movable arm, and three different sizes of flush-mount wall lamps. The latter boast extraordinary structural simplicity, and can be combined with each other to great effect.

Portable, rechargeable and wireless, Bellhop is a sleek modern LED tabletop lamp. Originally designed by renowned designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby for the London Design Museum. Made for the twenty-first century, Bellhop charges via a micro USB-C and holds a charge for up to 24 hours. Portable and elegant, Bellhop functions like a modern day candle by providing a soft atmospheric pool of light. British designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby pay homage to the hatted hotel porter, where it gets its name from. 041b061a72


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