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The Ultimate Guide to Silent Hunter 4 Patch 1.5 15: Fixes, Improvements, and Features

the pennsylvania game commission would like to remind those hunting on foot to be aware of their locations and not to approach animals unless necessary. due to recent bear threats and bear activity, it is advisable to hunt from a vehicle, or at least practice self-rescue should a bear become agitated and break down camp. learn more about hunting tips here.

silent hunter 4 patch 1.5 15

where do i learn more about pennsylvania game law and regulations? the pennsylvania game commission website is a good place to start. in addition to the official website for hunters and trappers, the pennsylvania game commission publishes an array of publications in pdf format, such as hunting and fishing regulations and permits. these publications contain information about animal species, black bear, coyote and other wildlife in pa.

  • there are several possibilities. the update you just downloaded is not the file you should have downloaded.

  • the game files were corrupted in some way that prevented the update from taking place.

  • it is possible to have multiple versions of the game on the same system (if you have previously purchased both sh4 and sh4 u-boat add-on). reinstallation is required to upgrade from one version to the next. this will remove existing game files, and the new game files will be installed in their place. in this case, you will be able to play sh4 and the u-boat add-on.

  • if the game was installed from a physical disc rather than downloaded using steam, the database and associated files were located on the disc, and the disc was damaged. in order to play the game again, it is necessary to replace all discs. click here for more information.

  • if you previously purchased the sh4 u-boat add-on and the existing game files remain in your steam folder, you can simply install the u-boat add-on.

  • if the game files were removed before the update could be installed, you will need to reinstall the game files using game maker or steam.

  • if the game files were removed or corrupted in some way after the update, you may need to reinstall from the full retail version.


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