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Skat Stammtisch: Spielen Sie Skat gegen den Computer oder online

Skat Download Kostenlos Vollversion Windows 10: How to Enjoy Germany's National Card Game on Your PC

Skat is a three-player trick-taking card game that originated in Altenburg, Germany, around 1810. It is considered as Germany's national card game and one of the most popular card games in German-speaking countries. Skat combines elements of Schafkopf, Tarot, and L'Hombre, and requires skill, strategy, and luck to win.

skat download kostenlos vollversion windows 10

Download File:

If you are interested in learning and playing skat, you don't need to buy a physical deck of cards or find two other players. You can download skat for free on your Windows 10 PC and play online or offline with computer opponents or real players from all over the world. In this article, we will show you how to download skat for free on Windows 10, how to play skat online or offline, and some rules and tips to help you improve your game.

How to Download Skat for Free on Windows 10

There are many skat apps and software available for Windows 10, but one of the best ones is Skat Free by majopi. This app offers a realistic and user-friendly interface, customizable rules and settings, different levels of difficulty, and an option to join a club or a tournament. Here are the steps to download Skat Free on Windows 10:

  • Go to the Microsoft Store app on your PC or visit this link:

  • Click on the "Get" button and sign in with your Microsoft account if prompted.

  • Wait for the app to download and install on your PC.

  • Launch the app from the Start menu or the desktop shortcut.

  • Enjoy playing skat for free on your Windows 10 PC!

How to Play Skat Online or Offline

Skat Free allows you to play skat online or offline with computer opponents or real players. You can choose from three different tables: Stammtisch (casual), Turnier (tournament), or Ramsch (a special variant). You can also adjust the rules, the speed, the card design, and the sorting of your hand according to your preferences. Here are some basic rules and tips for playing skat:

The Cards

Skat is played with a 32-card deck, consisting of four suits: Clubs (Acorns), Spades (Leaves), Hearts (Hearts), and Diamonds (Bells). Each suit has eight cards: Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7. The Jacks are the highest cards in the game, followed by the Aces. The cards have different point values: Ace = 11, 10 = 10, King = 4, Queen = 3, Jack = 2, 9/8/7 = 0. The total points in the deck are 120.

The Deal

The dealer shuffles and deals 10 cards to each player in a three-two-four-three sequence. The two remaining cards are placed face down in the middle as the skat. The dealer changes after each round in a clockwise direction.

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The Bidding

The bidding determines who will be the declarer (the solo player) and what will be the trump suit (the suit that beats all other suits). The player to the left of the dealer is the forehand, the player to their left is the middlehand, and the player to their left is the rearhand. The bidding starts with the middlehand and the forehand. The middlehand can either pass or bid a number that represents the game value (the potential score) of their hand. The forehand can either pass or say yes (match) or bid higher. The bidding continues until one player passes. Then, the winner of this round bids with the rearhand until one player passes. The highest bidder becomes the declarer.

The declarer can either play with or without the skat. If they play with the skat, they can exchange two cards from their hand with the skat and then announce the trump suit and the game type. There are four game types: Suit (the declarer chooses one of the four suits as trump), Grand (only the Jacks are trump), Null (there are no trumps and the declarer tries to lose all tricks), and Ramsch (there are no trumps and the declarer tries to take as few points as possible). If they play without the skat, they can announce a hand game, which has a higher game value than a normal game.

The player to the left of the declarer leads the first trick. The other players must follow suit if possible, otherwise they can play any card. The trick is won by the highest trump card or the highest card of the led suit. The winner of the trick leads the next trick. The game ends when all 10 tricks are played.

The Scoring

The declarer wins the game if they take at least 61 points in tricks (or 31 points in a hand game). The declarer loses the game if they take less than 61 points (or less than 31 points in a hand game), or if they play a null game and take any trick, or if they play a ramsch game and take more than 30 points. The game value is calculated by multiplying the base value of the game type by the multiplier, which depends on the number of matadors (consecutive Jacks) in the declarer's hand and whether they played with or without the skat. The declarer's score is added or subtracted from their total score depending on whether they won or lost. The other two players are called the defenders and they share the same score, which is the opposite of the declarer's score.


Skat is a fun and challenging card game that you can play for free on your Windows 10 PC. You can download Skat Free from the Microsoft Store and enjoy playing online or offline with computer opponents or real players. You can also customize the rules and settings to suit your preferences. Skat is a great way to improve your mental skills, learn about German culture, and have fun with friends. If you are looking for a new card game to try, why not give skat a shot?


What is the origin of skat?

Skat was invented in Altenburg, Germany, around 1810 by a group of card players who wanted to create a new game that combined elements of Schafkopf, Tarot, and L'Hombre. The name skat comes from the Latin word scartare, which means "to discard".

How many players can play skat?

Skat is designed for three players, but it can also be played by four players with one player sitting out each round. Alternatively, there are variants of skat for two or five players.

What are some tips for playing skat?

Some tips for playing skat are:

  • Learn the ranking and value of the cards and memorize them.

  • Pay attention to the bidding and try to estimate your opponents' hands.

  • Use your skat wisely and choose a game type that suits your hand.

  • Play strategically and try to win or lose tricks according to your goal.

  • Practice regularly and learn from your mistakes.

Where can I find more information about skat?

If you want to learn more about skat, you can visit these websites:

  • : The official website of the international organization that promotes and organizes skat tournaments and events.

  • : A comprehensive guide to the rules and variations of skat.

  • : A collection of articles and videos that offer advice and examples on how to improve your skat skills.

How can I contact the developer of Skat Free?

If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions for Skat Free, you can contact majopi by email at .</p I have already written the article according to your instructions. There


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