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Glory of the Roman Empire: How to Download and Play this Classic Strategy Game

If you are a fan of city-building and historical simulation games, you might want to check out Glory of the Roman Empire, a 2006 game developed by Haemimont Games and published by CDV Software Entertainment. In this game, you can build and manage your own Roman city, from its economy and culture to its military and politics. You can also explore the ancient world and interact with other civilizations, such as Gauls, Carthaginians, Egyptians, and Greeks.


Glory of the Roman Empire features a 3D game engine and realistic character behaviors, such as hunger, thirst, fatigue, and morale. The game also has a dynamic day-night cycle and weather system that affect the gameplay. You can choose from two modes: campaign and sandbox. In campaign mode, you can follow the story of a young Roman governor who rises through the ranks of the empire. In sandbox mode, you can create your own scenarios and customize your city as you wish.

So how can you download and play Glory of the Roman Empire on your PC? Here are some easy steps to follow:

  • Go to Old Games Download or My Abandonware and download the ISO file of the game.

  • Extract the ZIP file and mount the ISO file using a virtual drive software, such as Daemon Tools or PowerISO.

  • Run the AutoRun.exe file and follow the on-screen instructions to install the game.

  • Go to the NoCD folder and copy-paste the contents into the game installation directory. Confirm that you want to replace the files in the destination.

  • Play the game and enjoy!

Glory of the Roman Empire is a fun and challenging game that will test your strategic skills and immerse you in the ancient Roman world. If you are looking for a way to relive this classic game on your PC, download it today and see for yourself why it is one of the best strategy games for Roman history lovers.

But what is Glory of the Roman Empire like as a game? Is it worth your time and money? Well, that depends on what you are looking for in a strategy game. If you are new to the genre or prefer a casual and relaxing gameplay experience, you might enjoy Glory of the Roman Empire. The game is easy to learn and play, with a clear interface and helpful tutorials. The campaign mode gradually introduces you to different aspects of the game, such as trade, religion, entertainment, and warfare. The graphics are colorful and detailed, and the sound effects and music create a pleasant atmosphere.

However, if you are a veteran of city-building games or crave a more challenging and realistic simulation, you might be disappointed by Glory of the Roman Empire. The game is too simple and easy for most genre fans, with very limited choices and consequences. The economic model is basic and repetitive, with no money or taxes involved. The city design is mostly aesthetic, with no need to worry about road networks or traffic congestion. The combat system is shallow and optional, with no real threat from barbarian invasions. The free-form mode offers only a handful of maps to choose from, and there is no multiplayer option at all.

Glory of the Roman Empire is not a bad game, but it is not a very memorable one either. It is a light-hearted and accessible introduction to the city-building genre, but it lacks the depth and variety that make other games in the genre more engaging and replayable. If you are curious about this game, you can download it for free from Old Games Download or My Abandonware and give it a try. But don't expect to be blown away by its glory. c481cea774


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