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Lumapix FotoFusion [WORK]

If you are a registered user of FotoFusion, you can simply email asking for a link to the final offline version of FotoFusion. Please include the email you used when you purchased. You will get a link to the final release, plus a link to a resource file that contains any clipart/frames/papers that you might have used in previous projects create with FotoFusion.

Lumapix FotoFusion

Download File:

I just read that lumapix will send an email to download offline. Did it work for you? I tried to get it to work last September after using it for years and was told I had to buy MEMENTOPRO, which i did, but can't figure out how it works. Waste of money. Hope I can get Lumapix back.

Hi...I purchased the end of Program Lumapix 5 last September, have been using it successfully on my PC until a month ago, since then I can no longer open it. I failed to download the backup as recommended, so now I am hooped, 80 pages finished and not outputted and not accessible!! Who could share the backup with me via Dropbox? I would so much appreciate your help! does not answer my emails for assistance or suggestions. 041b061a72


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