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[Staxus] Cute Blond Twink Gets A Double-Penetra... ((EXCLUSIVE))

Ray Mannix fans all know that when presented with a monster black dick to service, there's only ever going to be one outcome. Tony X, a new boy at Staxus, has just the big black cock that Mannix craves. After peeling off Tony's sexy underwear, Mannix takes Tony's huge dick in his mouth and sucks him good, but it doesn't take long before his ass is craving a stuffing and the cute, blond twink is soon getting fucked raw by the super-hung black stud.

[Staxus] Cute Blond Twink Gets A Double-Penetra...

Fans of big muscular guys pounding the tight arses off of cute twinks will love this Staxus scene starring Dick Casey and Ray Mannix. This is scene 2 of Big Fare. Ray Mannix is out on a mission to track down Dick Casey and get him to fuck his ass. Of course, that's no impossible task when you're a cute blond like Mannix. Dick Casey is right on that ass like a dog with a bone, and pounds that boy hole with his huge uncut cock, bareback!

Newcomer Ray Mannix proves how much of a cock loving twink he is in this Staxus bareback threesome starring Dick Casey and Roman Smid. Dick Casey's big dick is admired by his fellow scene partners, as they stare jaw-gapingly at his magnificent shaved crotch. Having said that, not much time is wasted before Mannix and Smid are paying homage to Casey's uncut rod, slurping on it before Mannix's untouched ass becomes the focal point. His beautiful pert butt gets penetrated by each smooth stud while the other fills his mouth with an attention-seeking cock. 041b061a72


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