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Where To Buy Socks

Follow the path that calls you in socks that will support your every adventure! Stego is an affordable, high-quality brand that builds their socks around the idea that everyone can get out and explore the great outdoors in comfort. Their lineup of premium hiking, running, athletic, and casual socks will have your feet covered and comfortable for life! All Stego socks are proudly made in North Carolina and covered by the Stego Lifetime Guarantee. Plus, you can buy two or more pairs of Stego socks and get up to 10% off each pair.

where to buy socks

Some of our most popular youth socks for girls are our pink girls softball socks, and Dugout striped softball socks, which are funky and bright without sacrificing quality construction. We also offer custom softball socks, so you can add a personalized team logo or special striping to your customized order. No matter your team name, colors or theme, we can hook you up with softball socks that fit like a glove and look incredible. Start browsing for a new set of socks today, and your softball MVPs will be standing out on the diamond in no time.

But, as with any gift, sometimes the gifter might not get it exactly right. Maybe you'll get a really ugly pair of socks that would put Justin Trudeau to shame, or maybe you'll get boxers when you prefer briefs.

To avoid dealing with any of these awful possibilities, we've come up with a lovely list of stores that sell high quality socks and undies. Most of these stores are online, and they have an exceptional list of options that you can easily link to so your mom so she doesn't make any mistakes.

You'll be the envy of all of your friends and coworkers with a pair of snazzy socks from Hot Sox. The Men's Optical Strip Crew Sock is a pretty solid pattern that you can wear in and out of the office, and you can't go wrong with the Women's Large Polka Dot Crew Sock.

If you're not a fan of these options, Hot Sox has plenty of more socks and patterns that will make a solid gift. If you're trying to look professional, just make sure to tell mom to avoid any of the weird husky(Opens in a new tab) or narwhal prints(Opens in a new tab) -- unless you're into that, of course.

Happy is exactly how you're going to feel when you get these socks. The Men's Twisted Smile Sock and Women's Cactus Socks from Happy Socks are just two examples of the dozens of amazing patterns this store offers.

The name of this brand apparently derives from the Latin word for "bumblebee," and like these precious creatures, they're here to make the world a better place. For every pair of socks you purchase, the brand donates a pair to a homeless shelter.

Socks in the West have a slightly notorious reputation; an obligatory Christmas gift to please your father or a fashion faux pas when paired with sandals. But in Japan, the deep-rooted reverence for footwear produces a fascinating market filled with a plethora of multi-colored, wonderfully weird and scandalous socks.

They are not restrictive and allow your feet to stretch with freedom and help with balance. Moreover, the University of Tsukuba found a positive correlation between five-toed socks and circulation; results suggest they maintain a higher body temperature than regular socks.

Like Western carpets, tatami was a typical way Japanese people insulated their homes and kept their toes warm in winter, but a decrease in demand for tatami meant the need for something extra. Enter room socks.

Founded by graphic designer Viktor Tell and advertising executive Mikael Söderlindh, Happy Socks began cranking out colorful and fun power socks before it was a thing. The company leveraged global relationships and local distributors to spread the word and sell quality, often whimsical socks for men (and women and kids).

On Amazon, Stance offers a number of different types of socks, including a thicker combed cotton blend, constructed from 77% combed cotton, 19% polyester, 2% nylon, 2% elastane, and a sea parade line of sustainably-sourced Butterblend fiber, made from a proprietary blend of lyocell, nylon, combed cotton, elastane and polyester that is meant to provide exceptional softness. Their Infiniknit socks feature a lifetime guarantee.

The founders have built an impressive company, becoming ceritified as a B-corporation that meets certain sustainability and transparency standards and has given more than 25 million pairs of socks to homeless shelters.

The two moved to Atlanta, became roommates, conceived of the business and started shipping from their living room ping pong table. They exchanged their ping pong table for a 5,000-sq. ft. warehouse and office in Cabbagetown, and, to date, have sold half-a-million socks to over 85 countries.

Sergey Sapelnyk and Filip Pejic founded Society Socks in 2015 after meeting at the University of Toronto. Their company sells a range of colorful, whimsical socks made of a blend of 70% combed cotton, 28% nylon and 2% spandex, via a monthly subscription model. (You can also purchase individual pairs online.)

I love the playful, yet still tasteful, novelty sock patterns (including mustaches and rubber duckies) and color combinations. These are unique and fun socks that can pull double duty at the office and bar. Modern Motif also offers a range of other menswear accessories including neckties and cufflinks.

Tie Your Socks makes gloriously comfortable socks. Their bright and quirky designs stand out, and the company donates one pair of socks for every purchase to a community organization that train and cloth people in need.

Alex Goodman founded Franklin Morrow out of Columbus, Ohio to make fun-yet-professional socks while giving back to the community. For every pair of socks you buy, they donate a pair to someone in need. Their socks are a blend of combed cotton, nylon and elastine and come in fun patterns.

Upscale e-commerce destination SHOPBOP is an excellent one-stop shop for a variety of fun luxury dress socks. The site is particularly strong on European options like Badelaine Paris (Made in France), Paul Smith (Made in the UK), and Etiquette (Made in Italy), as well as Mr. Gray socks (Made in Japan).

No Cold Feet was founded to enable grooms and their brides to find fun, colorful, quality socks for their big day. Happily, Mari and Matt have designed a range of very appealing socks that work just as well for everyday occasions, made from 80% high-quality combed cotton blend with 15% nylon polymide and a little (5%) spandex for stretch.

Manufactured in Peru, the socks are a blend of pima cotton, nylon and spandex. Their textured, open weave is exceptionally light and proved highly-breathable in oppressively hot conditions, though the socks tend to bunch a bit around the ankles.

His response was to start designing in-your-face yet attractive socks, which OW manufactured in Japan and sold in America directly via its website and through retailers like Gilt, Stag, and Wittmore.

Ditto. Sock makers need to open their eyes! The most uncomfortable thing is socks too big or small, scrunched up under your arch, choking your knee or ankle or sliding down to your ankle because they barely go up to your calf. Study anatomy and be more sustainable! How many crappy fitting socks end up in landfills?

I ordered socks from viccel oct. 27th. Now its Nov. 13th and i havent received an email saying its mailed, just a paypal payment on the 28th of Oct. Im very upset when someone has my money and I dont have the product. Doesnt work the other way around.

Our shipping is free, our shopping cart has a problem with the district of Columbia is that where you had your socks shipped to? we have been trying to fix that its a post office issueThank you

You can buy Stance socks in several different sizes, I wear a size 7 mens and the medium size on stance socks fits great. They are meant for size 6 to 8 and the majority of them are under 20 dollars cad

Diabetic socks are designed specifically for people with diabetes. These socks use padding, as well as different stitch structures, yarns and fibers, to help protect at-risk feet. However, some mainstream socks can meet diabetic needs as well.

People living with diabetes can use socks to protect their feet against pressure and help prevent ulceration. Diabetic socks cushion feet and help avoid the friction that can cause blisters and ulcers.

Studies show that 15% to 25% of people with diabetes will develop a foot ulcer in their lifetime, and an open sore can lead to infection and be problematic. In 85% of limb amputation cases relating to diabetes, an ulceration came first. Even more shocking, about 80% of amputations are preventable[2]Otter SJ, Rome K, Ihaka B, et al. Preventive socks for people with diabetes: a systematic review and narrative analysis. Journal of Foot and Ankle Research. 2015;8(9). . And the five-year mortality rate following non-traumatic lower leg amputation is very high.

Diabetic socks are designed to prevent skin irritation and protect the feet. On the other hand, compression socks are designed to combat swelling by moving blood up the leg and preventing fluid retention.

No one wants to wear socks that fall down, but people with diabetes should avoid socks that have a top elastic because it can cut off circulation, restricting blood flow to the feet. Instead, opt for stretchy socks with a non-binding top.

Socks with a cause. Conscious Step is an American brand that offers premium Fairtrade, organic, vegan socks matched to a direct charitable impact. Choose from several causes including protecting our oceans, planting trees, providing safe drinking water, or saving LGBTQ lives like in these rainbow crews.

Copenhagen-based Woron was founded by two sisters, Arina and Anya Woron, driven by the desire to share their take on a responsibly designed lingerie line. The brand produces timeless vegan underwear made in a clean, transparent, and simple fashion to ensure a long lifespan. The range is made of GOTS certified organic cotton and Lenzing MODAL or ECONYL lace fibres, and is fully OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified. These soft socks are made from luxurious Egyptian Organic cotton. Your feet will thank you! 041b061a72


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