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[S2E3] Good Creatures

Siegfried once again hatches a ridiculous scheme to teach Tristan responsibility. He buys some hens so Tristan can learn to be a good vet by raising his own animals. Now this definitely puts a damper on the cricket fun. Tristan clearly failed woodworking in school, so James lends a hand to build the nest boxes as they listen to one of the matches on the radio. The hens for the most part are named for ex-girlfriends, except for one named Helen. Of course Helen the hen has brunette feathers.

[S2E3] Good Creatures

When Dustin finally shows up to class, late, Mr. Clarke is talking about Phineas Gage, the man whose personality changed after a metal rod was driven through his head. Since all school lessons are thematically relevant in the television universe, a good guess is that Will is our de facto Phineas Gage, dealing with a personality change and not feeling like himself.

We're almost halfway through The Witcher's second season, and so far we've seen a softer, gentler version of Geralt as he takes Ciri under his wing and begins her Witcher training. We say goodbye to Eskel in the most Witcher way possible, and Ciri runs a gruelling gauntlet. But the star of this episode is Yennefer of Vengerberg who, true to form, watches the world burn around her.

This episode opens on Bolivar, the fan-favorite goth rocker turned Strigoi, and we finally get a good read on just how well he's taken to his transformation. His eyes are glowing white, and a notable protuberance is forming at his throat, but his irreverent persona is still intact and given the grotesque image he created for himself in life, he can still pass as living (with a little help from a wig).

As has been made clear since her introduction, Coco is no fool. She knows she's missing something. Palmer tries to brush off her concerns, but she's not having it. She knows that Eichhorst and Bolivar are bad men and worries that she's making her great life mistake in working with Palmer. He calms her with his politician's doublespeak, telling her that horrible times call for measures that good guys won't take, and for now, she seems appeased.

Elsewhere, Dutch is on a side-mission of her own. After finding a "Missing" sign posted with a picture of her ex-girlfriend Nikki (the one who scampered off in a real hurry last season), Fet offers to help Dutch track her down and get some closure. The two roll up to a very affluent neighborhood where Dutch confronts Nikki's mother -- a woman who clearly despises Dutch and makes no efforts to conceal it. She comes at Dutch with venom, blaming her for Nikki's disappearance, laying into her about how she once abandoned Nikki, and calling Dutch a "vampire" who sucked the "good and spirit" out of her daughter.

Time and time again, Morty or Summer will take the short-sighted high road trying to do good in a strange situation, but when they do, it inevitably just causes more problems in the chaotic universe. Rick learned the lesson to not interfere a long time ago, leaving him jaded and uninspired.

Their practice round does not start out well as each of Mabel's attempts at the windmill hole fall short. Believing something is off, Dipper takes a closer look at the windmill. After hearing an odd sound, he removes one of the windmill's panels revealing that inside is actually an intricate hive of chutes and ramps bustling with activity as dozens of miniature creatures with golf ball-shaped heads scurried about. Once the initial shock of being discovered is over, the tiny windmill inhabitants introduce themselves as Lilliputtians.

Pacifica arrives and they begin the competition and with the Lilliputtians help, Mabel is quickly in the lead. After the tiny miners do an exceptionally good job, Mabel confides that she thinks they're in the lead. Seeing Mabel do this, the tiny Dutchmen, believing she is now favoring the miners, decide that killing Pacifica will would definitly win Mabel's favor and kidnap her during a break between holes.

Dipper and Mabel are in good spirits when suddenly, the windmill's spotlights turn on revealing a confused and irate Pacifica, securely tied to the windmill. Franz explains that by killing her, Mabel will win and have to award the trophy sticker to the Dutch Lilliputtians. Not to be outdone, the little pirate people turn on the pirate ship's floodlights and show that they have captured and tied up Sergei, Pacifica's mini golf trainer, and unless they are awarded the sticker, they'll make him walk the plank. Soon each group is shouting that the sticker should be awarded to themselves until Mabel finally shouts, "Enough! Nobody gets the sticker!" Mabel then has an epiphany and realizes that rivalries are senseless and dumb. Declaring they're all acting like jerks and nobody wins, Mabel rips the trophy sticker off her sweater and eats it. Adding that real winners are those that work with each other, not against each other.

The Doctor suggests that the rats may be food for something. When he and the others enter Finch's office, they find what that "something" is; large, bat-like creatures hanging from the ceiling, asleep. They back out hurriedly, but as the door shuts, one of the creatures wakes and shrieks. Outside, the Doctor tells the others that when Finch arrived at the school he brought twelve staff members with him, so they've got thirteen giant bat people to deal with. He is about to head back inside despite the danger so he can use the TARDIS to analyse the oil sample Rose procured, but Sarah tells the Doctor she may have something that can help him. To the Doctor's excitement, in her car boot is an inactive and rusty K9 Mark III, with one of his side panels missing. Sarah explains that one day the robot dog just stopped working and she could not repair its advanced technology.

K9 comes to life and recognises the Doctor, who smears some of the oil sample on its eye sensor. K9 determines it is Krillitane oil. The creatures are Krillitanes, a composite species who take the best physical parts of other species they conquer. The Doctor did not recognise them because they had looked different when he had last seen them; basically humans with Giraffe necks. He realises that they are doing something to the children.

Mickey crashes the car through the front doors of the school, and he and Kenny rush back inside. Lassar shrieks, summoning the other Krillitanes, who transform into their bat-forms. Mickey and Kenny meet up with the others and run into the cafeteria, pursued by the bat creatures. Lassar tells them he wants the Doctor alive, but to eat the others.

Mickey runs into the computer room and yells for the children to leave but none of them respond. After a few moments, he unplugs the computers which snaps the children out of their trances and they begin to evacuate. In the kitchens, the Doctor finds the barrels of oil are deadlock sealed. He gets the others out while he and K9 stay behind. K9 tells the Doctor that the barrels will not withstand a direct hit from his laser, but as his batteries are weak, he has to remain. The Doctor protests, knowing that K9 will be caught in the explosion, but the dog replies there is no alternative. Sadly, the Doctor bids his old friend goodbye, calls him a good dog and exits the building. The Doctor takes Sarah's hand and while she asks about K9, drags her away from the school. 041b061a72


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